Oil Spill Kit

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Oil spill Kit

  • Small oil and fuel spill response kit for spills up to 240 Liters
  • Ideal to carry in your work vehicle

Having spill kits conveniently located in high risk areas gives workers the tools they need to contain spillages quickly, reducing wastage and improving clean up time.

Basic spill kit contents list

  • Protective clothing (gloves, overalls, overshoes, safety goggles)
  • Absorbent materials (paper towels, spill pads, spill socks)
  • Disposal bags with tape or twist ties
  • Dustpan and polypropylene broom
  • Container for waste

Containment of a fuel or oil spillage is vital to minimise the risk of accidental injury. Spill kits for locations where oil or fuel are stored should include absorbent socks to contain the spillage, drain and gully covers and absorbent granules.