Chemical Spill Kit

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Chemical Spill Kit

-it’s necessary dealing with the full range of chemicals likely to be encountered in the workplace. The spillage risk should be assessed and appropriate treatment kits should be available to employees to ensure caustic liquids, fuel, solvents and other chemicals can be cleaned safely.

Personal protective clothing must provide the appropriate degree of protection and the spill kit should include:

  •  Sorbent Pad-16″x20″-50 Pcs (USA)
  •  Sorbent Sock-3″x4ft-3 Pcs (USA)
  •  Sorbent Pillow-9″x16″-2 Pcs (USA)
  •  HD Disposal Bag, 80x120cm-2 Pc (UAE)
  •  Safety Goggles-1 Pc (Taiwan)
  •  Glove-1 Pc (Sri Lanka)
  •  Scoop & Brush ? 1 Pc (China)
  •  75 L Spill Kit Bin Pedal -1 Pc (Germany)
  •  Instruction sheet-1 Pc
  •  Protective clothings and suits