Stainless Steel Eye Wash Wall Mounted

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Material: Stainless Steel
Origin: China

Can be operated by means of a push plate.

  • Plumbing connected eyewash station, provide a continuous comfortable water flow. Built-in double-layer filter can effectively filter impurities in the water to ensure the safety of eye washing. Flip-type dust cover effectively protect the spray head
  • Made of SS304 stainless steel, with a smooth surface, excellent acid, alkali corrosion resistance. Eye wash station can be installed outdoors or indoors, can be effectively used 0.3 million times.
  • Once activated, the eyewash can provide a continuous foamy flow until the valve is manually turn off to meet the 15-minute eye wash time, realize hand-free eye washing and avoid eyes contamination by hands.
  •  Easy to install, low Maintenance,