Flammable Storage

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A 60G cabinet, double-walled with a 38 mm air space between walls Includes two fireproof vents. Stainless steel anti-corrosion hinges to allow the door to open 180 degree angle.

Anti static grounding cable, instruction sheet on the door, 3-point lock system, anti-overflow shelves and 5.1 cm deep leakage slot prevent the liquid spillage. Each shelf are heavy duty and can adjustable with 6.5 cm interval, supported by 4 brackets. Available MSDS box for keep manuals and documents.

Flammable storage containers offer proven safety and up to 90 minutes protection from internal and external fires. Approved for storage of flammable liquids and adapted for the storage flammable liquids, flammable storage containers are available as different processes and requirements.

Capacity: 60 gal.
Color: Yellow
Door Style: Manual Close/Auto Close
Lock: 3 point bullet anti-static locking
Number of Shelves: 2
Width: 863 mm
Depth: 863 mm
Height:1650 mm