How to choose the correct number of the attachment point for your harness

If you or your team member collaborate with a safety harness, then you probably have actually seen that harnesses can vary in regards to the variety of attachment factors Do you understand the number of attachment points a harness must have for the work that you do? This blog site explains exactly how to choose the correct point of attachment number for your harness

Why various add-on points.

Affixing to one point is better than to no point whatsoever, right? You or your team member are secure anyhow, so why does the number of attachment factors in fact matter?

When it comes to a fall, a full body harness with the proper number of accessory factors similarly distributes the influence of the loss throughout the entire body. This, in turn, can protect at-risk parts of the body such as the groin, abdominal area as well as neck against major injury.

In addition, the option of the appropriate variety of attachment points on the safety harness is determined by your work activities and work placing like upright work.

The opportunities in the variety of add-on points.

One attachment point

How to choose the correct number

This attachment factor is placed on the back as well as can quickly be attached to a safety and security rope or automatic autumn avoidance gadget. Working with one add-on point appropriates for a job that is accomplished flat and also when modifications in the size of the safety and security rope are not needed. One accessory point is suitable when the job room needs to be free of obstacles, for example when a contractor is melting roof covering shingles.

Two attachment factors

How to choose the correct number

The add-on points are positioned on the back as well as breast and can be combined with practically every fall avoidance system. The two accessory points make it feasible to affix to the front as well as back. Some customers favor affixing at the upper body due to the fact that this enables more flexibility of activity.

Four add-on points

How to choose the correct number

The accessory points with this harness are positioned on the back, breast, as well as two on the hips. The two points on the hip can be made use of for positioning. In combination with a placing belt, users can execute job activities at height while maintaining their hands totally free. This variety of accessory points is ideal for versatile but short term work at elevation, rotating in between operating at an angle and horizontal or upright work.

Five attachment factors

How to choose the correct number

The attachment points are positioned on the back, upper body, two on the hip, and abdomen. 5 attachment points are needed for extensive upright work at elevation, such as descending or rescue job. The extra attachment factor on the abdominal area has been particularly created for attaching a descender tool.

Harnesses with various numbers of accessory factors have their very own advantages. For capability as well as security, it is essential that you select the best variety of accessory points. Relying on your work activities, it can be one, 2, four or 5 accessory factors.

Choice of harness

The (variety of) accessory point(s), the add-on system, and the harness completely create a mobile loss protection system. Since you can imagine the amount of called for attachment points for your work activities, you can select an appropriate harness.