Honeywell Titan HD Harness

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Honeywell Titan HD Harness


Comfort and freedom of movement

  • Exclusive H Architecture of the harness, thanks to its ergonomically placed webbing, providing a total freedom of movement for the arms.
  • Horizontal leg straps preventing uncomfortable friction on the legs and on the groin v/s traditional leg straps increasing comfort for the user during work.

Easy and quick adjustability & connection

  • Easy to access and adjust buckles: Intuitive movement up to down.
  • Very accessible anchor points: Bigger Back D-ring for easy Rescue Operations.
  • Adjustable chest strap with mating buckles for a perfect fit in height and width.
  • Adjustable leg straps with mating buckles.
  • Easy front strap clip.


  • EN 361 – Safety Harness.

Greater safety and easier traceability

  • Fluro – Orange textile, high visible stitching, back fall indicators to facilitate visual inspection before working.
  • Sealed labels improving yearly checking follow-up for a better traceability.
  • Fall Indicator feature for better and easy visual periodical inspection.