Four Door Vertical Filing Cabinet-Godrej

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  • Anti-tipping mechanism: The design allows one drawer to be opened at a time preventing the toppling over of the
  • Anti-rebound mechanism: Prevents drawer from coming out again after it is pushed in.
  • Handle: Easy to grasp, recessed full-length drawer handle or swan neck handle.
  • Finish: All components undergo a 4-stage chemical cleaning process. Each unit is thereafter powder painted and the paint application is achieved through electrostatic means for uniform paint coverage and close adhesion of the paint film.
  • Fastener-free assembly: Quick assembly of the filing cabinets is ensured without the use of screws or rivets.
  • Size: H1320 X W470 X D620 mm
  • Steel Thickness: 0.6mm
  • With powder coating: 0.7mm
  • Color: Grey
  • Made in Oman