heat stress campaign :workers safety

Heat Stress Campaign: Worker’s Safety

At Ability Trading, we prioritize workers’ safety above all else. That’s why we are conducting a comprehensive heat stress campaign, absolutely free of charge, right at different  worksites. Our expert team will be on hand to enlighten  workforce on the paramount importance of staying hydrated in high-temperature environments and the crucial signs of dehydration.

Through interactive sessions, we’ll share vital knowledge about the body’s thermoregulation and the risks of heat-related illnesses. Recognizing early symptoms of dehydration, such as dizziness, fatigue, and confusion, can be life-saving.

Our commitment to worker welfare drives us to empower workers with practical tips to beat the heat and foster a safer work atmosphere. Let us join hands in ensuring a cool and secure work environment for all. Together, we will build a healthier and happier workforce. Safety is our priority, always!