Two Tire Locker-Godrej Brand

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  • Lockers are Manufactured in CRCA Grade 1 Steel, with a steel thickness of 0.6 mm, and with paint, it becomes 0.75 mm. Our painting process is multilevel with the steel undergoing antirust treatment
  • The door is provided with ventilation louvers/cluster holes, a label holder, and a lock.
  • Doors are fitted with heavy-duty invisible hinges for security and prevention of tampering from the outside. Internal hinges also enhance the appearance of the locker cabinet.
  • Legs with a height of 100 mm (4”) can also be provided.
  • Locker cabinets can function independently as standalone units or as multi-unit configurations.
  • Core removable locks can be provided on request.
  • Master keys can be supplied for locks.
  • Locks have 2,000 combinations.
  • Plastic keycaps are 99% Anti-Bacterial.
  • Doors are reinforced internally for extra strength
  • Doors are fitted with PVC bangers for quiet operation.
  • Locker cabinets are packed in completely knocked-down condition.
  • Fastener-free assembly ensures quick assembly without the use of screws or